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Christofer Drew and the gang are back with their 3rd full length album, Time Travel!  Never Shout Never is a pop rock band from Joplin, Missouri (yes, the same place that the horrible tornadoes passed through this past year).  Fronted by lead singer/guitarist Christofer Drew Ingle, Never Shout Never has quickly arisen to become one of the most influential pop bands both nationally and internationally.

Although Time Travel is NSN’s 3rd full length album, one has to consider the numerous EP’s that they put forth before their first album, What Is Love?. These EP’s are the heart and soul of what Never Shout Never stands for.

If you have ever heard a Never Shout Never song, odds are you heard one from the countless EP’s (EP is a term for Extended Play: CDs that contain more than one single,and less than 8 tracks which are too short to qualify as albums).  For even I heard my first NSN song off of The Yippee EP.  Songs such as “BigCityDreams” and “Trouble” have shot this pretty boy pop band onto the iPods of everything tween.

But finally after returning to the studio after months of touring, Never Shout Never wrote and produced Time Travel.  Many fans have been disappointed by the “new NSN”.  Personally I distinguish Never Shout Never into 2 categories: The Pre-Album NSN and Post-EP NSN.  Most fans will probably favor the first category because of the fact that Christofer Drew was more genuine at the time.  I am not saying that he has changed, but I do believe that the music industry is slowly eating up this band.  Christofer himself constantly brings this up in interviews and you can see that it has torn him to pieces.  In Never Shout Never’s 2nd album, Harmony, they wrote a song called “Sellout” where they talk about the problems with big industry take overs within every aspect of our community.

I’ve always seen Christofer Drew Ingle and the rest of the guys in Never Shout Never as role models, so when I heard of their 3rd album release a few days ago I knew I had to get my hands on it.  Every album they appear to keep changing.  In What Is Love?, Never Shout Never really tried sticking to the acoustic roots they had implanted, but by the time they began recording Harmony, they seemed to venture off more towards a bluesy side.  I don’t necessarily favor any genre that NSN has crisscrossed into because, as a true fan should, I really appreciate the fact that they are exploring possibilities.  So when I began to listen to Time Travel I was not surprised they changed again.

After hearing it the first time, I was not really hooked.  But I gave the record a few more tries and (not to my surprise) ended up loving it.  I personally adore the song “Simplistic Trance-Like Getaway”.  I think it really incorporates NSN’s new sound with their old and brings together what the future for the band will be.  After hearing the song a few times I eventually noticed the evident influence of Owl City throughout, not only this song, but the entire record.

Time Travel is a decent album and I feel as if people would give it the opportunity to grow on them it could be really fantastic.  I would give this record a 7.5/10.  I’ve never given Never Shout Never a full 10 on any album or EP, but I don’t think that is their goal.  They don’t want to be perfect, but rather they want to share what they feel and love doing.