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Mayday Parade.  What more is there to say?  This All-American Pop/Punk band from Tallahassee, Florida is possibly one of the most under-rated bands ever.  Since their formation in 2005, Mayday has struggled to make it to the top and they are finally beginning to see the rewards of their hard work.

Mayday Parade has always been a master of emotion.  Through their powerful lyrics and intense vocal harmonies I really feel like I can connect with them because of the fact that although they have been through numerous tours, sold hundreds of thousands of records, and moistened the panties of tons of little girls, they still seem to act like a small local band.  I have friends who had gotten their hands on Mayday Parade’s first EP, Tales Told by Dead Friends, at the 2006 Vans Warped Tour because the band was just out there in the parking lot handing them out to get noticed.

Mayday Parade is most widely known for their piano ballad “Miserable At Best”.  This song is possibly one of my favorite love songs of this era of music.  “Derek (Sanders) and Jason (Lancaster) had a vocal chemistry unlike any other duo I’ve heard.  Derek sung his heartfelt melodies while Jason accompanied him with harmonies and a range unlike any other” says Only Regret The Summer vocalist Fabi Behnam.  But sadly after their first full-length album, A Lesson In Romantics, Lancaster left the band for personal reasons in order to form Go Radio.

In October of 2009, Mayday Parade released their second record entitled Anywhere But Here.  This is my favorite of the 3 albums because of 2 songs.  “Kids In Love” was the big hit from this album and really caught the attention of the Pop/Punk music scene.  But “Kids In Love” was not the reason I loved this record.  The acoustic tune “I Swear This Time I Mean It” is one of my favorite songs of all time and lead to the writing of my own band (Watching The Soundset)’s song “Not Another Girl”.  “I always feel inspired after listening to Mayday Parade” says Watching The Soundset guitarist Evan Murashko.

But the wait is now over! Mayday Parade’s self-titled record (Mayday Parade) is right up there with their previous releases and makes it hard to judge which album was the better.  The new album starts off with a song called “Oh Well, Oh Well” and I absolutely love it!  I have been known to drive around just listening to this song over and over and over again.  It’s truly an amazing piece of music both instrumentally and lyrically.  Other songs such as “When You See My Friends”, “Stay”, and “A Shot Across The Bow” all sound similar to the songs put out on the 2nd album, but are definitely a few of my favorites.  But I’m sure many of you, like myself, were hoping to see some new tricks on this album.  The song “Everything’s An Illusion” fulfills this void.  Derek Sanders sings this song with such emotion that you can’t help but connect with it.

Mayday Parade really has a lot going for them and I see a bright future for the band.  I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to see them on the 2011 Noise Tour powered by Journey’s this Saturday at the House of Blues in Anaheim.  I am super excited to see one of my favorite bands play and I wish everyone has the opportunity to see this band in action!  I give Mayday Parade a rating of 9/10.  Great album, great band, great music!


Only Regret The Summer is a post-hardcore band from The San Fernando Valley taking the L.A. music scene by storm and have no intentions of stopping any time in the near future.  Only Regret The Summer, or ORTS as fans call them, is composed of six teenage guys who dream of nothing else but to become stars.

For those who know of this band, odds are you know about them through one or two of the members.  Luckily for me, I have a personal connection with all six and I consider myself lucky to be as close as I am with these guys.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Only Regret The Summer you best introduce yourselves quickly to any of the six members:

Fabi Behnam – Lead Vocals
John Lee – Sceams
Adam Gendler – Guitar/Vocals
Garrett Winn – Guitar
Ryan Krouse – Bass
Stuart Wong – Drums

If you have ever been to an Only Regret The Summer show then you already know what the feeling is likeFrom the moment they appear on stage you are engulfed within their music.  I’ve had people come up to myself who don’t even like “screamo” music and tell me that they had the time of their lives.  Although the music may be tough, Fabi’s soft, yet powerful vocas soothes and comforts whomever is in the audience.  One of the many things I enjoy within the depths of what is known as Only Regret The Summer is their unwavering ability to surprise you.  I don’t just mean with promo videos or clips of new songs….No, I am talking about the way they comfort you with their music, and just as you begin to let your guard down they scare the crap out of you with a breakdown >:D  I am unsure of whether or not they do this on purpose, but it surely keeps me wanting more.

ORTS has recently put out a new single to get their fans buzzing again.  “The First Time (Since The Last Time)” is the name.  Any listener soon discovers the imminent influence of A Day To Remember within the song.  Using popular easycore techniques such as the group vocal chant and lead in to the breakdown, Only Regret The Summer masters their genre (whatever that may be).

All in all, I would definitely recommend Only Regret The Summer to anyone who enjoys music.  They are going places and I hope that one day I can hear someone mention their name and be able to say, “We played our first show together!”