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Heads Up!, just another pop/punk band out of southern California, I think not!  This power pop band is c0mposed of two musical masterminds named Max Hilton and Louis Ewing.  After their start in January of 2009, Heads Up! started playing numerous shows throughout the city of Los Angeles.  This band has rocked countless legendary musical venues such as The World Famous Whisky A Go Go all the way to the San Fernando Valley’s very own Guitar Merchant.  After sharing the stage with the illustrious rock band L.A. Guns, Heads Up! went into the studio where they recorded an acoustic EP entitled, So Long….

Lets be realistic here, Heads Up!’s So Long… wasn’t much of a hit as predicted by the band.  Although I personally fell in love with the dynamic duo after hearing this, not too many shared this feeling.  Heads Up! knew this and felt as if they weren’t giving fans the most they could offer.  During the summer of 2011, Hilton and Ewing went back into the studio again to give it another shot.  After long, treacherous hours of recording Heads Up! was left with loads of copies of what became their debut EP, later named Smile.

Heads Up! released their single, titled “Smile”, to help promote their EP.  Personally I love this song as well as the others.  I was lucky enough to sit down with Heads Up! during their days in the studio.  During the interview I asked Max Hilton (Vocals/Guitar) about the future plans for Heads Up!.  “Since we were children, Louis and I have dreamed of going on tour and getting signed,” replied Hilton.  “Did you ever pick up a guitar and rock out to the mirror pretending you were in front of 10,000 people? Well, we don’t want to pretend anymore.  We want to live that ‘rockstar’ dream!” said Louis Ewing (Drums).

Heads Up! is definitely a band to look into.  Although they struggle with the promotional side of being in a band, they definitely have the heart.  Having filled in on bass for the duo, I have been able to take a close look into how hard they work to perfect each and every song.  Heads Up! has all the traits any record company is looking for in a band: Motivation, dedication, “the Look”, and most of all the undying passion for doing what they do.  This band has amazing potential and I would love to see them take off.  It may take a lot longer than they predict, but I’m almost sure it will happen.