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Heads Up!, just another pop/punk band out of southern California, I think not!  This power pop band is c0mposed of two musical masterminds named Max Hilton and Louis Ewing.  After their start in January of 2009, Heads Up! started playing numerous shows throughout the city of Los Angeles.  This band has rocked countless legendary musical venues such as The World Famous Whisky A Go Go all the way to the San Fernando Valley’s very own Guitar Merchant.  After sharing the stage with the illustrious rock band L.A. Guns, Heads Up! went into the studio where they recorded an acoustic EP entitled, So Long….

Lets be realistic here, Heads Up!’s So Long… wasn’t much of a hit as predicted by the band.  Although I personally fell in love with the dynamic duo after hearing this, not too many shared this feeling.  Heads Up! knew this and felt as if they weren’t giving fans the most they could offer.  During the summer of 2011, Hilton and Ewing went back into the studio again to give it another shot.  After long, treacherous hours of recording Heads Up! was left with loads of copies of what became their debut EP, later named Smile.

Heads Up! released their single, titled “Smile”, to help promote their EP.  Personally I love this song as well as the others.  I was lucky enough to sit down with Heads Up! during their days in the studio.  During the interview I asked Max Hilton (Vocals/Guitar) about the future plans for Heads Up!.  “Since we were children, Louis and I have dreamed of going on tour and getting signed,” replied Hilton.  “Did you ever pick up a guitar and rock out to the mirror pretending you were in front of 10,000 people? Well, we don’t want to pretend anymore.  We want to live that ‘rockstar’ dream!” said Louis Ewing (Drums).

Heads Up! is definitely a band to look into.  Although they struggle with the promotional side of being in a band, they definitely have the heart.  Having filled in on bass for the duo, I have been able to take a close look into how hard they work to perfect each and every song.  Heads Up! has all the traits any record company is looking for in a band: Motivation, dedication, “the Look”, and most of all the undying passion for doing what they do.  This band has amazing potential and I would love to see them take off.  It may take a lot longer than they predict, but I’m almost sure it will happen.


Christofer Drew and the gang are back with their 3rd full length album, Time Travel!  Never Shout Never is a pop rock band from Joplin, Missouri (yes, the same place that the horrible tornadoes passed through this past year).  Fronted by lead singer/guitarist Christofer Drew Ingle, Never Shout Never has quickly arisen to become one of the most influential pop bands both nationally and internationally.

Although Time Travel is NSN’s 3rd full length album, one has to consider the numerous EP’s that they put forth before their first album, What Is Love?. These EP’s are the heart and soul of what Never Shout Never stands for.

If you have ever heard a Never Shout Never song, odds are you heard one from the countless EP’s (EP is a term for Extended Play: CDs that contain more than one single,and less than 8 tracks which are too short to qualify as albums).  For even I heard my first NSN song off of The Yippee EP.  Songs such as “BigCityDreams” and “Trouble” have shot this pretty boy pop band onto the iPods of everything tween.

But finally after returning to the studio after months of touring, Never Shout Never wrote and produced Time Travel.  Many fans have been disappointed by the “new NSN”.  Personally I distinguish Never Shout Never into 2 categories: The Pre-Album NSN and Post-EP NSN.  Most fans will probably favor the first category because of the fact that Christofer Drew was more genuine at the time.  I am not saying that he has changed, but I do believe that the music industry is slowly eating up this band.  Christofer himself constantly brings this up in interviews and you can see that it has torn him to pieces.  In Never Shout Never’s 2nd album, Harmony, they wrote a song called “Sellout” where they talk about the problems with big industry take overs within every aspect of our community.

I’ve always seen Christofer Drew Ingle and the rest of the guys in Never Shout Never as role models, so when I heard of their 3rd album release a few days ago I knew I had to get my hands on it.  Every album they appear to keep changing.  In What Is Love?, Never Shout Never really tried sticking to the acoustic roots they had implanted, but by the time they began recording Harmony, they seemed to venture off more towards a bluesy side.  I don’t necessarily favor any genre that NSN has crisscrossed into because, as a true fan should, I really appreciate the fact that they are exploring possibilities.  So when I began to listen to Time Travel I was not surprised they changed again.

After hearing it the first time, I was not really hooked.  But I gave the record a few more tries and (not to my surprise) ended up loving it.  I personally adore the song “Simplistic Trance-Like Getaway”.  I think it really incorporates NSN’s new sound with their old and brings together what the future for the band will be.  After hearing the song a few times I eventually noticed the evident influence of Owl City throughout, not only this song, but the entire record.

Time Travel is a decent album and I feel as if people would give it the opportunity to grow on them it could be really fantastic.  I would give this record a 7.5/10.  I’ve never given Never Shout Never a full 10 on any album or EP, but I don’t think that is their goal.  They don’t want to be perfect, but rather they want to share what they feel and love doing.

I understand this review is somewhat out of date because of the album’s release on March 1, 2011, but I feel like it is still a fairly new record and not enough people appreciate this band.

Go Radio is a pop/rock band from Tallahassee, Florida that was formed by the former vocalist/guitarist of Mayday Parade.  His name is Jason Lancaster.  His unnatural “lazy tongue” vocal technique quickly arms Go Radio with a unique set of traits that make this band stand out from the rest.

Go Radio is a band rose to fame for 2 main reasons.  The first being that they had one extremely popular song.  This song is called “Goodnight Moon.”  This song is not off of Lucky Street, but rather from Go Radio’s EP called Do Overs And Second Chances.  This beautiful ballad immediately reminds me of Secondhand Serenade’s “Fall For You”.  Not to mention the fact that the title alone makes this song special.  Anyone of any age should be able to recognize the title of the inspirational children’s book “Goodnight Moon”.  If you have trouble remembering it, the story is basically about a young boy wishing everything in his house and around him “Goodnight”.

The second reason for Go Radio’s rapid uprising is the fact that they rode somewhat along the coattails of Jason Lancaster’s previous band.  Many of the dedicated Mayday Parade fans followed along  both paths once Jason Lancaster left (or got the boot, nobody quite knows).  This helped the band a great deal especially when it came to touring constantly with Mayday.

Personally, I got on the Mayday Parade/Go Radio bandwagon at a somewhat late start.  I had heard some of the Mayday hits such as “Jamie All Over” and “Miserable At Best” here and there but never took notice of these until this past year or so.  Then around spring of 2011 I heard Go Radio and it sounded awfully familiar.  I did a little research and soon enough found the connection.

I saw Go Radio for the first time at The Vans Warped Tour 2011 in Ventura, California and boy that was quite a treat.  Their set was at 8:00 on the Nintendo 3DS stage.  They would be one of the final performances of the night and I was very satisfied with the outcome.  At the time the only song I knew was “Goodnight Moon”, but after playing numerous songs from their new record, Lucky Street, I was immediately addicted and thus began my fanhood of Go Radio.

When I got home that night I bought this album and I got my money’s worth!  The fair balance of the ballads and full-band songs sits well with someone of my musical background.  I am a huge fan of songs that have dramatic intros with piano and soft vocals which then lead into a full-band chorus.

At its entirety, Lucky Street has a few songs that really stand out.  “Any Other Heart”, the second song off the album, is probably one of my favorites.  The minute this song filled my ears I knew it would be one of their big ones.  Other songs such as “Why I’m Home” and “House of Hallways” really struck me with this inspirational feeling.  On the other hand, this record was not one of perfection.  Throughout the album I had trouble distinguishing one song from another and found this to be a common attribute.  Although they seem to have set it up in a alternating ballad-uptempo-ballad lineup, I continue to have problems differentiating the songs.

After listening to Lucky Street a few times I feel as if it is a really brilliant start to a band with a lot of potential.  I really hope to hear more out of these guys.  I would have to give this album an 7.5/10.  Definitely a must-have record for any fans of Mayday Parade, The Maine, or Secondhand Serenade.

I realize that I am a horrible person because when I heard that the brand new Blink-182 album, Neighborhoods, had leaked I downloaded it.  I have been a fan of the punk trio for about 6 years now.  I own every single one of their records, from Buddha to their Greatest Hits, so their new album was definitely a must-have for such a dedicated fan as I.  Just because I torrented this album does not mean that I will not go out and buy it.  I have enough respect for these musicians to pay the dues for their hard work.

Before I begin the review of this album I would like to supply those “lesser fans” with a brief history of Blink-182.  In 1992, Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, and Scott Raynor focused on filling their dreams of starting a punk band.  After making 2 full length albums (Cheshire Cat and Dude Ranch), Raynor left the band to focus on school.  Around this time, young drum legend Travis Barker was playing in a ska band by the name of The Aquabats.  Hearing of his talents, Mark and Tom urged him to join Blink-182 and replace Scott Raynor as their drummer.  Accepting this life changing agreement, the power punk trio put out 3 more records together (Enema of the State, Take Off Your Pants & Jacket, and the self-titled album Blink-182).  Shortly after Blink-182’s 5th studio album and long lasting disputes, Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus announced that Blink-182 would be playing their last show together in late 2004.  Feeling as if split between his two best friends in a fight, Travis Barker accompanied both Hoppus and DeLonge in their separate bands.  Mark formed +44, while Tom formed Boxcar Racer (in which Travis played drums) and Angels & Airwaves.  Finally in the spring of 2009, Blink-182 announced that they had solved their problems and would be back touring again by that summer.  My first concert was at the Verizon Wireless Center in Irvine, CA where I got the opportunity to see Blink-182 along with other pop/punk favorites, Fall Out Boy and The All-American Rejects.  After this 2009 tour, Blink-182 set out to put forth a brand new album incorporating both Tom’s Angels & Airwaves and Mark’s very own +44.

I can honestly say that I was worried about the outcome of this new album as I was not a fan of Tom’s post-Blink musical goings.  I was hopeful that Mark (the pop/punk lover) would step forward and help them get back that old teenage rebellion sound they had before.  Neighborhoods starts out with a song called “Ghost on the Dance Floor”.  From the get go I hear the synthesizers and I am turned off.  Then the guitar riff came in and I began to dig it.  “Ghost on the Dance Floor”, “Natives”, and “Hearts All Gone” I would have to say are my top 3 favorite songs off this album.  The rest just seem….”okay”.  This is fairly disappointing for someone with such deep pop/punk roots as I.  I would like to go on record saying that Travis Barker (regardless of what I say about Blink-182) does an OUTSTANDING job throughout the entire record.  If it had not been for his god-like drum skill I would have trouble listening to this album, let alone a song, all the way through.

I would give Neighborhoods a 5/10 and that is being generous.  Lets just hope they find their “new sound” in which they are seeking soon.